"Safety in the palm of your hands"

Safety in the palm of your hands

ALERT-KEY™ is a smartphone app which allows you to ask for help with the click of a button. Ideal for:

  • Runners
  • Single elderly
  • Or

  • Travelling backpackers
Using ALERT-KEY™ you keep control about who you'll inform and what you want to send!

Reliable information

Accurate information can be vital, in case of an emergency. With ALERT-KEY™ you can enter your medical history and/or your allergies. That way, care givers have the latest information.

Al deze informatie blijft op je telefoon staan. Enkel en alleen als je om hulp vraagt wordt deze informatie verzonden naar degene(n) die jij vertrouwt. Wel zo veilig dus.

No registration

We don't store personal data, and that's why you don't need to create an account. ALERT-KEY™ also works with your wearables. Currently we support Android Wear and Apple Watch.

Available for Download

We are proud to announce that ALERT-KEY™ is now available for download!

ALERT-KEY™ is a Best-App product.

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