Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is really simple. We don't want your personal details, so we don't store any of that on our servers.

Personal Information

We don't store any! personal information on our servers. The data you enter is stored on your device. If you wipe your device, all this information is lost. What we store on your device is encrypted, so even if your phone is compromised it will be difficult to make sense of that information.

Trial Version

The Android version has a trial modus, where you can use the device without an ALERT-KEY™. This is the only piece of information we store on our servers.

Audio Recording

If you selected the 'record-audio' option, an audio recording will be made every time you send out an alert. This audio file is stored on our servers for 14 days, unless you decide to delete it yourself. We are looking into encrypting these files as well, so they can only be played back with a secure private key


We do use Analytics to improve the user experience in our app. By collecting device statistics we gain insights in how our app performs on different devices, platforms and languages. We use this to improve our app.